Memories - Sweetened thru the ages just like wine

by Peter Verbruggen (2003) hardback, 160 pages - in English

Subtitled: On the road with Elvis and John Wilkinson. The book holds over a hundred rare illustrations and takes you back to the days when Elvis filled showroom after showroom. The 160 page book brings back to life the many memories of Elvis Presley's friend and rhythm guitarist John Wilkinson. 

The book comes with a bonus CD containg John's own single releases and two hidden bonus tracks in which you can hear two live recordings of John performing his signature song "Early Morning Rain" on stage with Elvis and the TCB band. But on these versions he does not only play the guitar, but also sings them. 

Signed by John Wilkinson.


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Early Morning Rain (Live) 1st Version   John Wilkinson
Early Morning Rain (Live) 2nd Version   John Wilkinson

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